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Best Way To Organize Wish Pickup Items For Merchants

Last Updated 9/1/2019
Wish Merchants are struggling with setting up their merchandise and pickup packages, see the best way to organize wish pickup items for your store

How To Fix iPhone 7 And 8 Home Button Not Clicking Or Ripped And Torn While Keeping Touch ID

Last Updated 9/15/2018
The iPhone 7 and 8 have a major issue of the touch ID working but the home button not clicking, this is a due to a tear on the flex that can be repaired.

iPad Pro 12.9" Touch Screen Not Responding After Screen Replacement

Last Updated 9/2/2018
The iPad Pro 12.9" has a really common issue of the screen not responding to touch after you replace the screen assembly. Checkout how you can get it fixed.

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease Screen Not Responding Reasons And How To Fix

Last Updated 6/11/2018
The iPhone 6 and 6 plus has a major issue where your screen will stop responding, this is also known as the touch disease. Checkout how you can get this issue fixed.

iPhone 7 Speaker Grayed Out And Microphone Not Working Solution

Last Updated 6/10/2018
The iPhone 7 with a speaker grayed out and having microphone issues has been known as the Audio IC Chip Failure, here is how to temporary and permenantly fix it

iPhone 7 Stuck At Apple Logo Reasons And How To Fix

Last Updated 5/31/2018
The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have a common problem of the phone stuck at the apple logo or boot looping. Check the reason for it and we have a temporary or proper way to repair it.