iPhone X Stuck On Recovery Logo Repair Solutions

Author: Kevin T - micro@fixstop.com,
Posted on 3/30/2021


The iPhone Recovery logo can be a dreaded symbol for someone who has a lot of important files on their phone. Most of the time it is truly not something to be afraid of though. If you see this symbol then it still means that the phone is receiving power. There are a couple of steps that you can take to try to get your phone to get past the recovery logo without having to pay anything.

Is There a Temporary Fix?

1. Connect the iPhone to your computer to see if it recognizes the phone in recovery mode. If you see the update pop up on iTunes then you can attempt to update it

2. If the update goes through and then it goes back to the recovery screen then you might have a faulty part that is plugged into the logic board. This can be repaired by replacing or repairing the broken part.

3. If you get error 4013 then iTunes will ask if you’d like to restore the phone. Do not restore the phone if the update does not work. Restoring the phone would delete all of the data on your iPhone X.

4. Lastly there are a couple of programs that can be used to take the phone out of recovery mode. One that we recommend is called 3U tools. Once the program recognizes the iPhone then there will be an option to "Exit recovery mode"

How to Permanently Fix

If the last couple steps did not solve your problem then you most likely have an internal problem with the phone. We use special microsoldering tools to inspect and test the logic board in order to find the damaged component. If data is important to you then a logic board issue would rarely delete any of your data. If your problem is due to a logic board fault then a microsoldering tech with logic board repair experience can fix this problem successfully and get you your contacts and pictures safely.
We strongly urge you to look for a local repair shop near you and make sure they do micro soldering as we do not recommend anyone to attempt this repair without prior experience, if you can’t find any near you, we offer nationwide mail-in-repairs with free shipping both ways, to get your order started simply click here


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