iPhones and iPads serviced by FIXSTOP using our parts can be covered by our lifetime warranty for an additional fee (contact sales rep for more info), protecting you from any possible defects including, but not limited to unresponsive, lifting, or other defects with the part.


Physical damage or exposure to liquids is not covered under any circumstance. If any issues would arise that would be considered covered by the lifetime warranty, you must present your device(s) immediately before any observable physical or liquid damage becomes present. Physical damage, such as cracked screens, void the lifetime warranty, regardless of circumstance.


The lifetime warranty is non-transferable, covers only the part(s) included in a repair (not the entire device), and upon inspection of the qualified device, is subject to the discretion of a FIXSTOP repair technician. A lifetime warranty on the part is included, $40 labor fee which is waived the first 30 days. The lifetime warranty is valid and in effect as long as FIXSTOP is offering the same service that was originally provided.