iPad Pro 12.9" Touch Screen Not Responding After Screen Replacement

Author: Kevin T - micro@fixstop.com,
Posted on 9/2/2018


The iPad Pro 12.9" touch screen will not work regardless of what you do, it doesn’t respond to touch regardless of the fact that you restarted it and did a hard reset. The iPad Pro 12.9" unresponsive touch screen is usually caused after a screen replacement. If you’re having any unresponsiveness and you have not replaced your screen, a factory reset should fix your problem.


The iPad Pro 12.9" no touch issue is caused by a fuse that gets blown when you replace the screen. This fuse can easily be blown if the screen cable was taken off improperly or while the battery is still connected. In this case, you’re pretty much forced to take the iPad 12.9" screen flex cable off before you unplug the battery. Once the fuse is blown, the touch screen on your iPad will no longer respond to anything regardless of what you do.

Is There a Temporary Fix?

Unfortunately, there is no temporary fix to this problem. The only real solution is listed below, we accept mail-in-orders for iPads if you’d like us to get it taken care of. click here to begin an order

How to Permanently Fix

In order to get the iPad Pro 12.9" that has no touch / unresponsive touch screen fixed, you need to take the whole iPad apart to get to the logic board and then use special micro-soldering tools to get the blown fuse replaced properly. Special and advanced tools are required to do this repair, these tools include a microscope, heat gun, and everything needed to desolder and resolder the fuse. Only micro-soldering techs with logic board repair experience are capable of getting this repaired successfully, if you put too much heat on the logic board or mistakenly move other components around as you’re soldering then you could easily cause permanent damage to your iPad Pro 12.9".
We strongly urge you to look for a local repair shop near you and make sure they do micro soldering as we do not recommend anyone to attempt this repair without prior experience, if you can’t find any near you, we offer nationwide mail-in-repairs with free shipping both ways, to get your order started simply click here


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