iPhone 8 Does Not Turn On How To Temporary And Permanent Fix

Author: Kevin T - micro@fixstop.com,
Posted on 2/4/2021


Sometimes the iPhone 8 can have common problems that could cause it to power off and not turn back on when holding down the power button. It is important to tell whether the phone is actually off or if the screen does not work. Make a call to your phone to see if it rings. Make sure that your ringer is set on high or vibrate by toggling the switch on the left side of your iPhone 8. If your phone rings then your phone is most likely on, the screen just is not turning on. If your phone does not ring then it’s possible that the phone is actually off but needs to be charged up or needs a hard reset.

Is There a Temporary Fix?

1. Charge up your phone to make sure that it has enough power to turn on. Typically a phone will turn on with a bad battery if it is plugged into a charger. Check to make sure that you also see the battery symbol without the charging cable. That means that it is actually charging.

2. If you've left your phone for over an hour and it is still on the battery symbol or nothing has showed up on the screen then you can try to reset the phone by holding down a combination of buttons. This will not delete any of your data. It will only soft reset the phone.

3. Click and release the volume up button on the left side of the phone

4. Then click and release the volume down button on the left side of the phone

5. Finally press and hold the power button on the right side of the phone. The Apple logo should show up after about 3-10 seconds of holding the button.

6. As a last resort, your phone might be in a mode called DFU which stands for Device Firmware Upgrade. Plug your phone into a computer to see if the computer detects the phone. If it does then follow the steps on iTunes to update the phone. Do not restore the phone if the data is important to you!

If this doesn’t solve your problem then you may have a different issue or you’ll need to get this taken care of by a professional, we accept mail-in-orders nationwide with free shipping both ways.

How to Permanently Fix

If the iPhone 8 is not repaired by following the steps that we have provided then most likely you have a problem on the logic board or a faulty part that is causing the phone not to turn on. We use special microsoldering tools to inspect and test the logic board in order to find the damaged component. If there is a fault with your logic board then we can diagnose the problem and replace any of the components that have malfunctioned to get your data back. If your problem is due to a logic board fault then a microsoldering tech with logic board repair experience can fix this problem successfully without damaging any other components.
We strongly urge you to look for a local repair shop near you and make sure they do micro soldering as we do not recommend anyone to attempt this repair without prior experience, if you can’t find any near you, we offer nationwide mail-in-repairs with free shipping both ways, to get your order started simply click here


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