Best Way To Organize Wish Pickup Items For Merchants

Author: Kevin T -,
Posted on 9/1/2019

Wish Merchants

If you're one of the lucky locations that Wish Local has chosen to be their local authorized in-store pickup location for your city, we have found a couple useful ways to help you monetize and speed up the process to get your wish pickup customers in and out in a breeze and to save as much space as possible while staying organized.

Organize Wish Items

Wish items can easily get out of control without proper organization. As you can see in the pictures below, we have figured out a good system to keep everything intact without having to take much space while keeping every item organized. These shelves can be stacked even higher than shown, so you'll never need to make up more space than shown in the event wish pickup delivers more items for you.

Where to Buy Wish Shelves

Amazon Prime has the shelves you need for your wish organization, we've included links for 2 different shelves, one is taller than the other, pick one based on your available space.

1. Double Shelves to be placed side by side (similar to the ones shown above), size is (40 x 12 x 36) inches. 2. Tall shelves, almost the size of two of the ones pictured above, ideal if you plan on expanding Wish Items selection. size is (68.89 x 39.37 x 11.42) inches.

We hope this helps you keeping your Wish items organized! Let us know what you think or if you have any better ideas feel free to email us at and we'll let you know!