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iPhone 8 Plus Repair

The iPhone 8 Plus is one of apple’s best selling products making it a very common fix for us here at FixStop. We repair everything from the screen to the charging port, even motherboards! With us, getting your iPhone 8 Plus repair will be like taking a trip to the grocery store. We’ve been doing iPhone 8 Plus repairs for a very long time and have mastered it, things like screen replacements or charging port repairs have become routine.

iPhone 8 Plus Charge Port Repair

One of the most common types of issues for an iPhone 8 Plus for example is the iphone 8 plus not charging. All you have to do is either walk into one of our three local Orlando stores or set up an appointment at our Fixstop.com website. After the tech has conducted the diagnosis the customer will be informed about what the phone needs. You’re phone has a lot of life left in it, don’t let it go for an issue we can fix!

iPhone 8 Plus Not Working

Maybe your charging port’s working just fine but it just randomly shut off and is not turning on. This is also another common issue with a lot of iPhone users and is the main reason people get rid of their phone. Thinking that their phone is dead, money’s wasted on a new device. Instead save! Have our techs take a look at the phone and repair it, saving you a lot of time and money.

Local iPhone 8 Plus Repair

We know our customers are busy people and that time is of the essence, this is why a local iPhone 8 Plus repair, for example, will never take more than an hour. We make sure that parts are always in stock and available for any kind fix required. Whether it be a screen replacement or any other kind repair, we are ready to take care of any iPhone 8 Plus repair you might have.

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