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iPhone 7 Plus Repair

The iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5 inch display with talk time of up to 21 hours and has a dual camera setup for an optical zoom at 2x or digital zoom at 10x. The common iPhone 7 Plus Repair are: Cracked Glass & LCD, Battery Replacement, Camera (front and rear), and Charging Port. One thing about the iPhone 7 Plus is that there is a defect in the logic board that will cause your speakers to be disabled while in-call. This is called the Audio-IC issue and we are able to repair this problem here at Fixstop.

iPhone 7 Plus Not Turning On

If your iPhone 7 Plus is not turning on, it can either be the battery, LCD, charging port, or the logic board. We will run a free diagnosis and determine what part(s) needs to be replaced/repaired. The diagnoses should take no longer than 10-20 minutes so stop by and get your phone fixed! " (Final Draft of iPhone 7 Plus)

iPhone 7 Plus Disabled Speaker

The iPhone 7 Plus has a common issue where the Audio-IC in the logic board will burn out through heavy usage and time. We can run a free diagnosis to see if your iPhone 7 Plus is eligible to be repaired and this repair can be done here at Fixstop.

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We are local in Orlando, Florida and we accept orders nationwide! We have 2 locations in East Orlando and 1 location in Casselberry. Simply call us or scroll down to find a location near you to get your iPhone 7 Plus repair started!

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