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Finding a Micro-soldering tech in Georgia shouldn't difficult! This is why we have compiled a list of qualified micro-soldering techs known as ProTechs. Each ProTech in Georgia is qualified to do board-level repairs. Select one of the cities below to find a ProTech near you!

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iPhone X Logicboard Repair

Are you searching for a specialized micro-soldering tech to separate the layers of your iPhone X to further diagnose a common issue? iPhone X have many reoccuring problems such as the loss of touch and bootlooping by a bend between the two layers of the motherboard. If the two layers of your iPhone X have started to separate then one of our expert microsoldering techs can help repair your phone today. If you are looking for the fastest turnaround time then find your nearest microsoldering tech. Our micro-soldering techs can also repair many other common issues with your iPhone X, contact your nearest ProTech today.


Standard Micro-Soldering Examination

ProTechs that have passed our Standard Micro-Soldering examination have taken our practical exam and are capable of doing board-level repair on your motherboard and or logicboard. Below are some of the commons repairs that they're usually capable of doing:

  • iPhone 7/7+ Audio IC Repair
  • iPhone No Touch Repair
  • iPhone & iPad Not Powering On Repair
  • iPhone & iPad Backlight Repair
  • iPhone & iPad Connector Replacement
  • iPhone & iPad Long Screw Damage
  • Cell Phone Data Recovery
  • iPhone iPad No Wifi/Bluetooth Repair
  • playstation and xbox HDMI Replacement
  • iPhone and iPad WiFi Greyed Out Repair

ProTech Certified

ProTechs that have taken our practical and hands-on examination and has passed. Hands-on exmination includes but not limited to the following repairs:

  • iPad Charging Port Replacement
  • Game Console HDMI Replacement
  • Type-C Port Replacement
  • Micro-USB Port Replacement
  • Logic Board Component Replacement

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