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Our online course begins with the basics of solder, what equipment is needed, how to solder, and advances all the way into repairs such as PS5 HDMI port and iPad charging port replacements.

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How Our Online Couse Works

Custom-Made Boards

Created to make it easier to learn

Our micro-soldering course is unique in that we provide custom-made boards tailored to the specific repairs that you will learn in the course. Our instructors have carefully designed each board to simulate real-world repair scenarios, allowing you to practice and develop your skills in a safe and controlled environment. With these custom-made boards, you will gain hands-on experience with the exact repairs you will encounter in the tech industry.

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Proper Equipment & Tools Explained


People struggle with micro-soldering due to using the wrong equipment or not having access to the right tools. Even worse, the cost of high-quality equipment can be prohibitively expensive. Our course includes access to the proper equipment you need to succeed, without breaking the bank.


What You'll Learn Here

Starting with the fundamentals of soldering such as what solder is, how to properly solder, and the proper techniques, our course gradually progresses to more advanced techniques such as through-hole and surface mount soldering. Once you have mastered these techniques, our expert instructors will guide you through the following repairs:

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Your course includes a portal for you to access anytime which includes videos and other material to review your work, accessible 24/7.

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